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I don't make websites anymore, but you can check out my past work below!

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Price $69/month $99/month
Initial Build A completely hand-made website
created just to your liking.
A completely hand-made web app
created just to your liking.
Changes Unlimited website changes done at any time.
Just let me know what you want changed!
Unlimited website changes done at any time.
Just let me know what you want changed!
Hosting ~50,000 Page Views/month* ~250,000 Page Views/month*
Domain ? 1 Included Up to 3 Included
Email At Your Domain ? Included Included
File Storage ? Unlimited Unlimited
SSL (Green "Secure" Lock) ? Included Included
Real-Time Analytics Included Included
Forms Included Included
Blog Included Included
Newsletter ? Included (MailChimp Watermark) Included
Site Memeberships ? Not Included Included
Dynamic Content Generation ? Not Included Included
Full Backend Server Control ? Not Included Included
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*for the average website; varies with size

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Hi. My name is Joshua Franklin, and I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In my free time, I design websites and create other music, videos, and software I think are worth sharing.

These beautiful, responsive, and interactive websites I make come at a very low cost. Having lots of experience in web development, I can make anything from a static web page, to online forms, blogs, stores, and more.

My interest in computers has lasted throughout all my life. I have been coding computers for many years, and recently I have been putting these skills into web development.

I have lots of experience with WordPress, Firebase, GoDaddy's Website Editor, Wix Website Editor, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flask, and Socket-IO, allowing me to make advanced and interactive websites.

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Why Should You Hire Me?

Here's how much having a website for 3 years would cost...

  • 36 * Monthly Charge ($69/month) - $2484

  • All features listed under GoDaddy
  • (and more) are included.

Total: $2484


  • 36 * Monthly Hosting Renewal ($8/month) - $288
  • 3 * Yearly Domain Renewal ($12/year) - $36
  • 3 * Yearly SSL Renewal ($75/year) - $225
  • 36 * Monthly Email Renewal ($7/month) - $252
  • 36 * Monthly Unlimited Storage ($50/month) - $1800
  • Custom Website Build - $1000
  • 36 * Website Changes (Estimate) ($30/month) - $1080

Total: $3681


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