Subscription Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
"Why should I subscribe to this service rather than building it for a one-time fee?"

Setting up your own website and having someone else build it can be expensive and overwhelming. The process usually involves buying and setting up hosting, purchasing and pointing a domain, setting up SSL so your website is secure, buying and setting up email at your domain, configuring analytics, blogs, forms, newsletters, etc. There's a lot to do! The advantage of this service is that all of the above (and more) are including and automatically set up in one monthly payment. All you have to do is tell me what you want on your website and how you want it to look.

"Can I make changes to my website after you've initially build it?"

Of course! At no additional charge you may email or text me what you want added, changed, or removed to your website at any time.

"Is there a limit to how big my website can be?"

Yes, but it is very high. Your website can be up to 10GB large. The average webpage takes up around 10 MB, so thats around 1000 pages! If for any reason you need to go beyond this, we can discuss options.

"Is there a limit to how many changes I can make each month?"

Nope! You can make as many changes to your website as you'd like. However, large amounts of changes can take longer amounts of time to complete.

"Can I make changes to my website myself?"

For most things, yes! You will have immediate access to services like your blog and newsletter, and if you have certain types of content that need to be updated frequently, we can discuss ways of automating it. Additionally, you have full access to your website's source code if you would like to make changes manually.

"Do you create logos?"

I consider myself more of a web developer than a graphic designer, but I can certainly make logos free of charge for you.

"What kind of domains are included?"

Any domain that is $15/year or less. This includes most .com, .org, and .net domains.

"How do I access my blog/newsletter/analytics/email/unlimited storage?"

Instructions on accessing any of the services will be provided when signing up for the subscription service.

"How much email storage is included?"

Just like your file storage, it is unlimited!

"How is this such a good deal? What's the catch?"

There is none! I buy my hosting/domains/email/storage etc. in bulk which saves a lot of money compared to buying each component individually. This way I can keep the price as low as possible.